Terms and Conditions

All customers receive 2 hours of free consultancy before a quote is provided.

Work on any website will commence only when written confirmation or purchase order is received by Dynamiser. Dynamiser will assume Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed to. If any of the terms and conditions need clarification or cannot be agreed to by a customer then Dynamiser are happy to discuss before the commencement of any work. A customer-specific set of Terms and Conditions may be provided should Dynamiser see fit.

Any quote provided will be honoured with no additional costs unless

1. Major changes* to design are requested during the design process***
2. Additional pages requested during the design process***

Should changes be requested during the design process then a replacement quote will be provided. Any additional costs incurred with 3rd party online services (such as a WordPress plugin) will be managed by the customer directly with the provider.

An invoice will be provided once the website is deemed completed.

Invoices must be paid within 5 working days of issue via a bank fund transfer using details provided on the quote.

Once the website is live then all customers receive 20 working days free for any small changes** identified. Any Major changes* or additional work will be subject to a new quote.

After 20 days, small changes** can be provided via a Support Pack purchase or new quote.

Support Packs can be purchased at any time and will be invoiced at time of purchase. Each Support Pack comes with 20-page, 50-page or 100-page credit. Customers will be notified of how many days will be debited at the time the changes are requested by the customer and will honour that debit value. If the changes requested are deemed to be major changes* then Dynamiser will advise and provide a new quote for the additional work.

Where a quote for new work on a website is requested and a customer has a Support Pack, customers can request a transfer of Support Pack credit to the new quote. Dynamiser will consider this on an ad-hoc basis.

Where a quote for new work on a website is requested and a Quote Voucher has been purchased, Dynamiser will subtract the value of the voucher away from the new quote provided. At that point, the voucher is considered redeemed and further work will be subject to a standard quote unless a new Quote Voucher has been purchased.

The website along with the Domain and Host provider plans belong to the customer along with any purchased WordPress plugins. Upon completion of a website all account, login and password details will be confirmed with the customer. If a customer or 3rd party make subsequent changes to the website then Dynamiser will take no responsibility for those changes. Dynamiser will retain all account details securely where any Support Pack or Housekeeping Pack has been purchased.

Renewals of Domain and Host accounts along with any support subscriptions for purchased plugins is the responsibility of the customer but Dynamiser will advise on this during the consultancy period. If a Housekeeping Pack is purchased then Dynamiser will continue to keep WordPress and Plugins up to date.

Backups of the Website are the responsibility of the customer and/or the Host Provider. Dynamiser will advise on this as part of the consultancy.

Dynamiser encourages images and photos on customer websites and Dynamiser will use any provided by the customer. If any image or photo is found to be copyrighted by a 3rd party then this is the customer’s responsibility. Dynamiser will assist the removal or change of such an image or photo, This will be considered a small change** and either a quote will be provided for the remedial work or days debited from any current Support Pack.

* A major change is where a complete change or major changes are made to 1 or more website pages. This includes look-and-feel and any additional functionality added via a WordPress Plugin.
** A small change is where small updates are made to existing pages, examples include changes to prices or additional testimonials or gallery pictures or simple re-formatting of sections in the page.
*** The “design process” is the time between commencement of work and the website deemed live. This includes all consultancy, work with Domain/Host providers and the website creation.

Dutch Barn

Sizes Available:
2400mm x 2400mm (8′ x 8′)
3000mm x 2400mm (10′ x 8′)
3530mm x 2400mm (12′ x 8′)

Ridge Height: 2667mm (approx 8′ 9′)

Door: Ledged and Braced

Window: 3 Pane Joinery Opening

Loft: Internally Braced

Additional Options:
19mm Loglap cladding
Tanalised wood treatment
22mm Heavy duty flooring
Stable Door
Heavy duty galvanised door hinges
Security padbolt protector
Safety Glass
Heavy duty roof felt
Window boxes (large or small)
Georgian style windows

Dilly's Daycare

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