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Welcome to SoundStratus Studios

SoundStratus Studios           6, Willow Walk, Old Hattington, Berkshire HT1 4AB           01234 567890 

Hiya and welcome to our Studios.  I am Kai Millan founder and owner of SoundStratus

I am passionate about music and new artists.  There is something special about hearing new artists with a fresh sound and the goal of this studio is to offer a complete end to end service to get such artists out there and enjoyed by the masses.  Management, promotion, performance and video are all essential leading to recording and releasing their music on digital platforms.

If you are a new artist then let’s see how we can help, go to Contact and make, what could be the most important, click you ever made

Meet some of our team below

Thanks, Kai

SoundStratus are based in the historic leafy town of Old Hattington in Berkshire, close to the Old Squire Pub (who are great at letting our acts practice at their Live Music nights!).   We have state of art Recording Studios, Rehearsal rooms and editing suites and continue to invest in the ever-changing music and digital art technologies. It is our approach and resources that give artists that cutting edge.

As well as our End to End Service any artist can make use of our studios for rehearsals, recording or video.  Make use of our staff and resources with one of our 3 services – Just Rehearse, Just Record, Just Video.  Click belwo to see more details on these packages

Meet the Studio Crew

Lizzie - General Manager
Russ - Head of Music Production
Ellis - Head of Music Tech
Milly - Artist Promotion, Bookings and Marketing
Dan - Director of Band Management
Tess - Head of Video
Lottie - Head of Image
Jasmine - Head of Content Release

We would love to hear from you

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Dutch Barn

Sizes Available:
2400mm x 2400mm (8′ x 8′)
3000mm x 2400mm (10′ x 8′)
3530mm x 2400mm (12′ x 8′)

Ridge Height: 2667mm (approx 8′ 9′)

Door: Ledged and Braced

Window: 3 Pane Joinery Opening

Loft: Internally Braced

Additional Options:
19mm Loglap cladding
Tanalised wood treatment
22mm Heavy duty flooring
Stable Door
Heavy duty galvanised door hinges
Security padbolt protector
Safety Glass
Heavy duty roof felt
Window boxes (large or small)
Georgian style windows

Dilly's Daycare

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